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logo design - identity and branding

Logo & Identity design

giving your company a unique and unmistakable corporate image

print and promotion

Print & Promotion

producing brochures, leaflets, posters and a whole range of promotional materials

web design development

Web design

delivering you a stylish website as part of a professional e-marketing strategy

Welcome to Greenhat Creative

Greenhat Creative is a young design company based in Taunton, Somerset aiming to bring the best to you and your clients. We know there might be hundreds and thousands of companies a bit like us but you will soon agree we are unique. We make sure of delivering an exceptional and personal service to help your business grow and fulfill all undertakings you have given to your customers... and ... we are green. It may sound like a cliché but we believe doing our bit makes a difference. We are Eco-friendly design studio.

Design strategy

Design process

To come up with an innovative marketing campaign is not easy at all. But don’t worry! That’s what we do all day long.

First together we identify your business’s goals, then prepare a strategy, next implement a stunning design and then test before we launch the finished campaign or website.

But most importantly, it is you who set the pace of the whole process.

Design Services
Graphic Design Specialists

Creative professionals

We have an extensive portfolio encompassing all areas of logo & identity development, print & graphic design and examples of marketing materials as well as web design, online advertising and e-marketing. We work closely with our clients and pay attention both to the overall idea and to the tiniest detail in order to attract every potential customer. Creativity is our world.

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Web design strategy

When it goes online

At Greenhat we are passionate about design and technology and we create websites which are not only beautifully crafted and look professional but also work, are easy to use and easy to find (SEO). Our web development and web designer team will build for your business, e-commerce site or blog a uniquely tailored or CMS template-based website.

Website Design

We do more

We maintain close relationships with all our customers and give them a helping hand whenever they need one, even after all the work is finished.

We can also take and process high quality photographs of your products, premises, company personnel or anything else you might need for your project.

There is more we can offer and we just keep pulling ideas out of the hat.


Being green

We like to work with eco-friendly companies who are conscious of the environment. We want to make sure that everything we do today our children, and also their children, will one day be able to do. So we think twice and ask ourselves whether something could be reused or recycled before we throw it in the bin.

We are simply trying to make every aspect of our business green.